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Garuda Insurance is an independent, all-India insurance broker with placement capabilities across all lines of commercial insurance in India and abroad.

The Garuda Insurance  team is the key driving force of the company. We are driven by intense professional pride to excel and deliver. Our team comprises over 750+ professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them rich experience to understand better our clients’ businesses and risks. It is the combination of the deep understanding of our clients businesses, our insurance capabilities, and every team member’s credibility, flexibility and integrity that has led to our success.

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Garuda Insurance is having all systems and processes in place as per regulatory requirement using state -of -the art technology. This is well recognized by the general insurance customers for its outstanding services to both client and distributors.

Solutions & Services

Insurance Broking

Garuda Insurance provides comprehensive Insurance Broking solutions and services. Our approach is client-centered, consultative and strategic.

Policy Placement

The key value addition by Garuda Insurance is understanding the business of the client and translating that into an effective insurance program. 


We can represent you in obtaining insurance coverage for your business and personal requirements from among products offered in India and abroad. We can create customized package policies that combine more than one insurance product to expand your coverage, provide ease of policy administration
and reduce your rates.

Risk Management

Risk management solutions can be provided on a long-term basis to ensure you are protected against losses as your business evolves and new risks emerge.

Portfolio Administration

Managing a program effectively through the year is key to a successful program. Changes in your business need to be reflected onto your insurance policies, accounts need to be tallied, and claims need to be administered. 

Insurance Underwriters

We are known for carrying out due diligence and advising our clients on risk management initiatives that prove to be win-win for both- the client and the underwriter.

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Ask Your Queries

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